Safari, Spotlight Craches after Timemachine Restore

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So i almost gave up with solving some strange Software Crashes
For Example:

Spotlight wasn’t active. There was even no Spotlight icon.
Safari Crashes when i type the second word into a google search field.

After a while i browsed through my folder-tree and so i detected, that the tmp folder.
I remember that i set /tmp to be excluded during TM-Backups so save so Disk Space.
So after i restored this folder with

   cd /
   sudo ln -s /private/tmp /tmp
   sudo chmod 1777 /tmp

everything works fine again. IMHO it is a bug in the TM-System-Restore Workflow.

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Subversion in a nexenta zone

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To sort Things out, i will use another feature of Nexenta (OpenSolaris): Zones.
So i am sure, that my Subversion Server is in its own enviroment and has its own ip.

There are two great howtos:

1. Creating a New Zone in Nexenta
2. Installing SVN 1.4 in a Nexenta Zone

I am almost done with backing up all my stuff.
I really hope to improve the network performance with a hardware upgrade :-).

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