FINALLY: Comments are working again

A friend of mine told me some minutes ago that the Comments function on this blog still produces some errors, when trying to post a comment. So i decided to stay with the spam and to disable the filter function until i have the time and the infos about the wordpress system to code my own plugin.

I found another project i worked on in the past years. I updated it a little bit and can now present some screen impressions:

First of all what is it?
So i have the big problem of to many files on to big disk space. As a result there is first the problem of finding files and second the high probability to save identical files on several places. Not only small files like the typical 1×1 spacer.png, but also some sound files, hi-res images or movie files. Just in case of the backup of a backup.

So i decided that i need a system, that organizes my files in that way, that i can have a quick view, i may search through all the files and that there is the safety, that a file is just saved onced and all the copies of it should be just links to the original ones.

I end up with a system design that scans a particular folder for new files and copy them into a special ordered file structure. The unique property of a file is its md5 sum. The original file/folder structure is mapped into a DB table.
The system is no at exactly this point. I created a easy low level plugin interface for examining the different file types.
Lateron i will create a class, that make sys links equivalent to the original folder structure and offer them e.g. as a samba share. Even the possibility of a file history is imaginable. At this point the main task is the imense low performance (due a big use of DB queries and redundant method calls) and the definition of a usefull interface.

Here are some screens of the current system:
File-Vault storage Folder
System File Storage

File-Vault picture Viewer
Picture Viewer

File-Vault mysql Viewer
SQL (Text) Viewer with Import Function

File-Vault PHP Viewer
PHP Viewer

File-Vault MP3 Viewer
MP3 Player

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