MacOS update 10.6.4 and GPGMail

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So the latest MacOS Update broke the gpg-mail Plugin again. But it seems that the old UUID Trick saves the show.
First close
Then you need to find out the new PluginCompatibilityUUIDs from and the Message Framework.

cat /System/Library/Frameworks/Message.framework/Resources/Info.plist | grep UUID -A 1
cat /Applications/ |grep UUID -A 1 | grep UUID -A 1

Then you need to open the gpg-mail Bundle.
Look into /Users/[username]/Library/Mail/Bundles
You can open GPGMail.mailbundle via the Context Menu. You need to add the two new UUIDs to the Node SupportedPluginCompatibilityUUIDs in the Info.plist file.

Save and then restart

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17 thoughts on “MacOS update 10.6.4 and GPGMail”

  1. The procedure described works perfecrtly for 10.6.5 as well.
    Thanks for the tip!

  2. the news string for 10.6.7 are:


    Or just wait for the new bundle update. Should be there in some hours.

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