Hacking just for Fun: using Bookmarklets

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So there are a handful of webtools using Bookmarklets for their services. The first i know was del.icio.us for saving a Webpage to your del.icio.us bookmarks. Another famous service is Instapaper (it uses internally read it later pocket, but that is another Story). I have a special service in mind, i want to create using a Bookmarklets, before i start, i played around with the Bookmarklet from Instapaper.

The Magic is just a normale HTML A Tag, in whith some javascript is embedded:


If we unwrap that script we got

function iprl5(){
    var d=document,
        d.title='(Saving...) '+d.title;
        z.setAttribute('src',l.protocol+'//www.instapaper.com/j/foobar?u='+encodeURIComponent(l.href)+'&t='+(new Date().getTime()));
        alert('Please wait until the page has loaded.');

The command basically just creates a script tag in the active DOM-Tree and preloads some Javascript-File. The File is then executed by the Browsers JS Runtime.
I started a litte Demo Project. You find it here on GitHub. It is based on Play! 1.2.4 (Installation Guide here).

ATM there are just two JS Templates. The first one (app/views/Application/bookmarklet.js) just contains the source for the Script-Tag itself. The second (app/views/Application/input.js) will be loaded then after the Javascript behinde that link is called.

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