This Module provides support for converting Play! i18n Files into an Excel Sheet and from an Excel Sheet to i18n Files.


You need to create the message files first (e.g. conf/messages, conf/, conf/messages.en)
You may enter some key/value entries to the Files.

The prefered format is:

# Description key=value 

Add the Module to your dependencies:

... - local -> i18ned 0.1 
... repositories: 
    - local: 
          type: local
          artifact: ${application.path}/../modules/[module]/dist/[module]-[revision].zip 
     contains: - local -> * 

Then install the Module

play deps --sync 

Export (creating Excel File)

play i18ned:export 

Your will find the Excel File in APP_DIR/tmp/i18n.xls

Import (Moving Changes from the Excel File into the Messages Files)

play i18ned:import 


  • Adding SQL-Export with SQL-Templates
  • Adding Support for selective Actions (Im/Export only specific files)
  • Import from other i18n Formats


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