Nexenta iSCSI Target Setup

root@sunny:~# zfs create tank/home
root@sunny:~# zfs create tank/home/philipp
root@sunny:~# zfs create -V 250M tank/home/philipp/TM
root@sunny:~# zfs set shareiscsi=on tank/home/philipp/TM
root@sunny:~# iscsitadm modify target -p 1 tank/home/philipp/TM
root@sunny:~# zfs list
NAME                             USED  AVAIL  REFER  MOUNTPOINT
syspool                          689M  16.6G    23K  none
syspool/rootfs-nmu-000           688M  16.6G   641M  legacy
syspool/rootfs-nmu-000@initial  47.3M      –   631M  –
tank                             250M  1.34T    21K  /tank
tank/home                        250M  1.34T  27.5K  /tank/home
tank/home/philipp                250M  1.34T    27K  /tank/home/philipp
tank/home/philipp/TM             250M  1.34T    24K  –
tank/media                        18K  1.34T    18K  /tank/media
root@sunny:~# iscsitadm list target -v
Target: tank/home/philipp/TM
    iSCSI Name:
    Alias: tank/home/philipp/TM
    Connections: 0
    ACL list:
    TPGT list:
        TPGT: 1
    LUN information:
        LUN: 0
            GUID: 0
            VID: SUN
            PID: SOLARIS
            Type: disk
            Size:  250M
            Backing store: /dev/zvol/rdsk/tank/home/philipp/TM
            Status: online

(via Solaris iSCSI Target with ESX 3.02 Server)

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