Prepared for the new Year!

Hello, just right for the new year, i decided to update my Blogging-Software and to use a new Theme (called “Space”). Just to underline the “all new” message :-).I just read some news about gadgets, to come in the news year.First of all there are some news concerning the virtualization of MacOs: Alexander Graf patched the qemu source to use the open-source emulator for the virtualization of MacOS.You may find background information and some screenshots on his homepage. Another interesting  thing is the announcement of the Art.Lebedev Optimus Tactus.After the luxurious Optimus Maximus, the famous russian Design Studio publishes another innovative idea for an new input device.It is somehow a good start for a Star Trek like LCARS system.   optimus tactus keyboard 

I wish everyone the best for 2008! 

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